Spring Capsule Wardrobe Update

So we are back home from Spain,  and I have now put together my Spring capsule wardrobe. I have decided to use navy as my base and used red, teal and mustard as my accent colours. I haven’t had to buy much as I had a few items in my stored clothes. I bought  a few t- shirts and I have made a pair of mustard coloured casual trousers. I used the Tilly and the Buttons Marigold pattern and used Dashwood Studios Soirée Ochre Cherry Blossom Viscose Fabric fabric from Guthrie and Ghani

So this what’s in the Spring capsule


Red Jacket – old

Ivory Trench Jacket – old

Navy Blazer – bought second hand on EBay last year

Red fleece gilet – bought last in Autum

Tops -Blouses/T Shirts/Tunics

White long sleeve T – old

White T’s – 1 old and 1 new

Mustard T – New

Light Teal T – New

Navy and White striped long sleeved T – bought last season

Mustard floral top – I made this whilst I was in Spain

White linen top – old

Teal jumper – bought for Winter capsule


Red Jeans – bought for Autumn

Blue Jeans – bought in Autumn

Blue Trousers  p- bought last Spring

White Trousers – old

Mustard Trousers – New

Denim Skirt – bought last Spring

Blue leggings – old


Blue, Teal and Red – New made in Spain

Chambray sleeveless dress – made last Summer


Red sling backs – gifted from sister

Blue brogues – old

White plimsoles – New

Blue Slip ons – old

Accessories- bags, belts, scarves, jewellery

Mustard crossover bag – present

Blue, Teak and Mustard scarf – bought in Winter

Jewellery – I went through what I had and found a few matching pieces

So all in all a cheap capsule this time.


Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2019

I have decided NOT to buy an off the shelf spring capsule e book for Spring and instead try and make up my own. So now I am in the middle of planning my own capsule wardrobe using what I have learnt over the last 4 seasons using someone else ideas.

I have been thinking about what colours suit me now that I have grey hair. All my life I have worn autumnal colours. Green and brown went really nicely with my auburn hair – which was natural once! Now that I don’t dye it anymore and the grey is more dominant I have been noticing that some colours suit me better than others.

I watched this video on You Tube and it made a lot of sense and gave me the idea to use some different colours.

So I then decided to buy a few t-shirts in some different colours to convince me which colours now suit me. I put on my sun glasses because I did not want to screw my eyes up, but also because I think I look cool 😂

Doing this has also made me look at the necklines of the t- shirts and thinking if some look better than others.

What do you think?

The only one I don’t like is the grey one. I think I should stick to wearing grey on my bottom half and not close to my face.

Back to the capsule then. I need to decide what colours I will use as the base of the capsule and what accent colours I will use to contrast with the base colour.

I think I will choose navy blue as my base colour, but I haven’t quite decided on the accent colours yet. It will depend on what fabrics I can buy and what colour the manufactures have decided we are buying this year! Always annoys me that someone has made the decision for me what colour t shirt I can buy in a particular year.

I have thought about what groups of clothing I need. Obvious really but these are what I need to consider :

  1. Coats/Jackets/Gilets
  2. Tops -Blouses/T Shirts/Tunics
  3. Trousers/Jeans/Skirts
  4. Dresses
  5. Shoes/Boots/Sandals
  6. Accessories- bags, belts, scarves, jewellery

Before I go and buy anything I need to go through my stored items at home – although I have a rough idea of what I have got stored away, I know there will be some things that I have forgotten about!

So, for now, I’ll carry on planning and let you know what’s in my Spring capsule in March.



Winter Capsule Wardrobe

savingPNG.jpegIt’s time to swap over to my winter capsule wardrobe. The weather has now decided to play along too!

I am using some of Leanne’s  suggestions from the Essential Winter Capsule, but I am changing the accent colours to red and teal instead of burgundy and teal. The main reason for this is that I bought a gorgeous handmade hat from Meg at Textile Creations, whilst visiting the Knitting and Stitching show, in October and I have to wear it. I also have a beautiful classic camel coat I bought a few years ago and will be wearing that instead of the grey coat Leanne suggests. Some of the items like jeans and long sleeved t-shirts I already had but I splashed out on a new pair of red Mint Velvet jeans – reduced in John Lewis. That’s women’s logic – reduced so therefore must have !

I have bought a couple of new classic jumpers this year – a teal one and a cream one. The teal one is from Seasalt. I really like their stuff, its a bit pricey but they sell fabric too, so hopefully I might get a bargain later. The cream cable jumper is from H&M. H&M is not somewhere I normally shop but on this occasion, they had what I wanted. I am also going to make a red check shirt using ‘New Look’ pattern 6374, when the material arrives from China! I bought the stripey turtle neck top from Joules and the sleeveless fleece gilet, a bargain on eBay.

I have decided that I’m not buying anymore shoes or bags this season but using what I already have. I have the brown spacious leather tote I bought from TK Maxx in spring, this year and a small black leather cross over bag (a gift). My long black boots fit the bill as do the beige short boots I bought for the autumn.

So that’s me done till Spring!

How to start a capsule wardrobe


IMG_0085.JPGI have always like to wear stylish clothes. Even when I had little money I made sure that I always made the best of myself. I couldn’t always afford many clothes or to have a proper haircut but it was important to me that I looked good.

I have always liked to co-ordinate my clothes, accessories and make up. Whilst I working and had money to spend, I spent a good deal of my salary on clothes and accessories.

When I retired in May 2017 I knew I would not be able to continue to spend the same sort of money on clothes and therefore I had to find a different approach.  I still wanted to look good, even though I wasn’t going to work every day. Although I had gathered loads of clothes over the years, many of them were not suitable for my new life. After a few months of thinking and a bit of research, I found what I was looking for – seasonal capsule wardrobes.  

 I had a really good clear-out and got rid of many clothes I did not wear or need anymore. This was not easy because I had collected them over many years. However, I had two goes at it and now I am happy with what I have.  I have my current seasonal capsule wardrobe clothes, my wear at home stuff and a couple of boxes of unseasonal clothes which I dip into each season, before I but any new ones. I had a fair few handbags and coats plus a quite a bit of dress jewellery which I had collected over the years and thinned out those too. 

Leanne at classyettrendy sells seasonal capsule wardrobe e books for a reasonable fee. She provides links to all the items she suggests. As her business is American, all the links are for USA shops so I don’t use them. Instead I source substitutions from UK stores.  I also have made some myself, found some used items on eBay but also use my existing pieces use my existing pieces. I really enjoy sourcing the clothes, shoes and handbags.  

Each season I purchase the new e book and see what Leanne suggests for the next season. I check my stored items and select any which are right. Over the next few weeks I begin to shop for any new items I want. I decide if I want to make any of the pieces and look for patterns and fabric.

I tend to browse online at Next, Clarks, M&S, Joules, White Stuff and FATFACE initially to see if they have what I am looking for. Obviously price plays a part but sometimes I will splurge out on a new classic piece if I can afford it. For example, I bought a new longline beige cardigan this autumn, and paid a bit more than usual because I know its something that I will wear a lot. 

Once I have most of what I need for the coming season, I pack up all my last season clothes and put them into my storage boxes and get rid of anything which has seen better days. Then I am ready to go! I have everything I need to look stylish and smart for another few months. 

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