My new favourite trousers – Free Range Slacks – Sew House Seven

I can’t remember where I first saw this Sew House Seven, Free Range Pants pattern but it was probably on Instagram. I get most of my inspiration from other sewists who show their makes on their Instagram pages.

I decided to try the pattern out by using the fabric from an old white cotton duvet cover. I bought the PDF from the Foldline and had it printed and sent to me. The paper it’s printed on is quite robust and doesn’t easily tear like some of the printed patterns.

After looking through the sizes and the finished measurements I decided to make the size 14. I wanted them to be comfortable – as always! There is no zip to do – hurray and there is an elastic aged waist – more hoorays!

The pattern had three pieces for the legs, a front, a back and a middle section, two large front pockets and two back pockets. There is a choice of straight legs or a wider leg option. For my test pair I chose the wide leg.

The construction was relatively easy and the instructions clear and concise. I decided to take the easy option and not do flat felled seams. I had never done these before but thought I would try them if I decided to go ahead and purchase some nice fabric and make them again.

I whipped the practise pair up in no time. They fitted a treat.

So they fitted and I liked them, not happy with that I decided to dye them as I already had a pair of white trousers. I bought some black Dylon and dyed them. They didn’t turn out black but a dark grey but I am happy with them to wear walking the dog.

So, I ordered some sandy coloured cotton drill fabric. I bought 3 metres from Minerva for £12.99 a metre. I decided this time to make the slim leg version and also decided to have a go at flat fell seams. Not perfect for a first time but good enough for me!

I made them over a couple of days and took my time to make them. I am really happy with the outcome and prefer the slim leg.

I’ll be making more of these I know. Lovely and comfy and stylish I think. I am wearing a white cotton True Bias Scout Tee, but I have just seen a new top on Instagram which will go nicely with them too. It’s the Remy Raglan top by Sew House Seven, downloaded already!!

2 thoughts on “My new favourite trousers – Free Range Slacks – Sew House Seven

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  1. Love, love love the pants! They look great in both styles. Love the top that you’re looking at sewing. You’ll probably never need another style! I wondered if I could stay at your house one day so that you can show me all your bits please?


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