Spring Gardening 2020 – Tues 24th March -Thurs 26th March

I planted more seeds. As I don’t have a heated greenhouse, I have to bring indoors the ones that need warmth. I only have a few places where there is heat underneath – i.e – a radiator – so I usually stagger the sowing. Once the first ones have germinated I can move them to other window sills and then finally to the greenhouse. Then I can sow some more!

I have now sown :

Stocks – a lovely fragrant bedding plant. Zinnia – a brightly coloured mix. These have to be planted in individual cells as they don’t like to be moved. They are also devoured by slugs, so I sometimes I have lost the lot!

Lobelia – these are white ones and the seeds are very very small and they take a long while to germinate so you need to be patient. However, once they get going, they are great and produce lots of lovely white flowers.
Purple Sprouting Broccoli – I have grown these in cells.

Tuesday March 24th

Oh dear 1st day of Coronavirus lockdown – I took solace I the garden and the sunshine to take my mind off it.

Today the seeds arrived from my brother – so kind – basil, butternut squash chilli and yellow courgette?

I sowed chillis and basil and put them on the windowsill in one of the spare bedrooms. It’s very sunny and above a radiator so it should be ok.

I also moved the blue and white agapanthus back out into the garden from the greenhouse, where they have been overwintering. I watered all the pots as it’s been unusually dry.

Some herbs survived the mild winter, so I have got oregano,parsley and chives already.

Flat leaf and curly parsely, chives and oregano
Blue Agapanthus

Weds 25th March – I sowed some veg crops straight into the ground. Beetroots, spring onions, radishes. I have left spaces to sow another line of each in a fortnight.

Thurs 26th March – I weeded the path of the woodland garden. I was really pleased to see that the Erythronium Pagoda bulbs have started to bloom. There’s not much else to do here at the moment.

The woodland path was dotted with Spanish bluebells which I don’t want!
Erythronium Pagoda

I tried to get as much done in the garden whilst the weather is good, as it is forecast to get cooler and cloudier, so time to move indoors and get back to the sewing!

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