Spring Garden 2020

Well, it’s the beginning of a new year in the garden. Who knows quite what this one will be like? Today I am starting to keep a log of what I do.

Day 1 – Cleared out all the dead foliage in the bedsand cut down some Rosa Ragusa which was taking over.

Gave the pond a quick clean of weed. I had given it a thorough clear out in the Autumn, so it wasn’t too bad.

Mark cut the grass, it’s looks very green and healthy and no sign of the leather jackets like last year.

I looked at what seeds I had – vegetables, herbs and flowers. I need to think what else I need and then order them. My lovely brother has some of the seeds I need and is going to put them in the post to me. I tried in vain to order from two plant websites last night and resorted to Amazon.

Day 2 – Planted some seeds – tomato, spinach, lettuce,coriander, lemongrass, pea shoots. I left the spinach, lettuce and coriander in the greenhouse and bought the tomato and lemongrass in as they need warmth. I decided not to grow too many tomato plants this year as if they go I can’t bear to throw them away.

Mark went to B&Q to buy some compost and horticultural grit so we have it when we need it, in case these types of shops are closed in the near future.

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