My 8 Last Makes

This is an update to the blog post I wrote in October, about my next 5 sewing projects.

I actually made 8 items between then and now. In case you are interested here they are:

Simplicity Sweater Dress – this finally got finished last week. It was on hold for a while until I saw my daughter to check the fitting. it was easy to make and I would use the pattern to make a shorter sweatshirt for me, in a French Terry fabric I think. I am waiting for the recipient to send me a picture of her wearing it and I will then update this post!

Ogden Cami – I ended up making 2 of these. A navy linen one and a white one I made from a remnant. I forgot to take a picture of the white one before I gave it away – so annoying.

Japanese Style Apron – this is a Christmas present so I can’t say who it’s for or describe it as they may read this. It turned out great and I will update this list with a photo after Christmas.

Pyjama Bottoms – I made these out of some black viscose jersey from Minerva, I whipped them up in a day on the overlocker. The pattern I used is one I have used before, Butterick B6428. Just 2 pieces – simples!

Freya Cowl Neck Jumper – I made this instead of the Linden Sweatshirt, partly because I already had the pattern and didn’t want to fork out on another. I made it from some cable jersey from Higgs and Higgs. It was easy to make on the overlocker and is cosy and warm.

Re-usable make up remover pads and bags x 2 – I made the bags after watching the demonstration on theCraft channel. I am really pleased with both of them. Gave them both away as gifts.

Now to get planning for my next lot of sewing projects. Watch this space!

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