The Woodland Garden – a year on

Last October, we set about making a woodland garden at the front of our house. We have a piece of land which was basically used as a dumping ground ever since we moved here and before by the previous owners.

My original blog about the Woodland Gardens explains what we set out to do. During the past year, we have continued to develop it and it is now looking quite good.

We have added a path and a boundary fence, to one side. It’s just a rudimentary boundary but defines our plot.

I have planted around the trees. Around this Yew, I have planted heuchera, hosta, fern and a white bleeding heart.
Under the dead tree, which we decided to keep as a natural habitat, I have planted a honeysuckle. However, I think the deer have been munching the roots, so I have put some chicken wire around to keep them away, hopefully!
The path runs from the roadside and meanders round to the compost bins and round to the other entrance. We dug up all the brambles, spread some sand down and then added lots of bark chippings, so that it keeps fairly dry.
Around the pathway I have planted ferns, hostas, other shade loving plants plus bluebells, snowdrops, aconites and erythroniums to naturalise. I am hoping that wild natural plants come though too now that the rubble has been cleared and the light gets through more.

There’s no more to do now until the spring. I am planning on adding more plants and bulbs each year until I am happy with the displays.

I am more than happy with how it looks and am pleased that we decided to make it an attractive space. The wildlife are already there and I plan to add a few bird boxes in the spring.

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