What you need to take on a long road trip.

Well, it’s been planned for a long while and now it’s nearly here. We’ve had more than a few hiccups with regard to the car, but I will save that for another day! Be prepared for a long complicated and frustrating story…

As a lover of LISTS, this trip has given me the opportunity to go a bit crazy 😜

I have all these lovely lists on the go …..

Dog Stuff – for Queen Mollie – harness, lead, blanket, crate, cushion 🙄 toys, treats, food, coat and poo bags! 

Clothes/ Shoes and Accessories – we will be taking winter and spring clothes.The journey through France and Northern Spain will most probably be cold and wet. However, when we get to Estepona, we are expecting Spring like weather and therefore hope we will be able to wear lighter clothes and maybe even t shirts and shorts!

Toiletries and Medicines – The usual stuff. At the top of my list is wet wipes. Multi- purpose and multi- functional. We don’t have to take any prescribed medicines but I think it’s good to take a stock of painkillers, ibuprofen gel and some Buscopan for my delicate tummy 🙂

Food for the journey – this is when you are allowed to buy sweets! Obviously we need food too … We will be staying in 4 apartments between home and our destination. They all have cooking facilities so we need to take some basic foodstuffs like granola, tea bags, milk, pasta, tinned tomatoes, rice, fruit, marmite, corn crackers, snacks etc

Food to take for the destination as we are self catering – our experience tells us that we can’t always buy some of the ingredients/food we use, so I will be taking things like tamari (gluten free soy sauce), tea bags (can’t beat Yorkshire Tea), maple syrup, black treacle plus moong dhal for when we fancy a curry. I am looking forward to wandering round the European supermarkets and trying out new ingredients and recipes. 

Paperwork – you know the stuff – Eurostar tickets, passports, EHIC cards, hotel info, insurance docs – (travel, car, pet, breakdown) I know a lot of these docs are in my email boxes but we like to print off copies too. I’ve told you before of my OCD tendencies 😂

Car Stuff – if you are driving in Europe you need some odd bits and pieces such as warning triangle, high vis jackets, first aid kit, breathalyser kit, GB sticker and light adapters for the headlamps. We have maps and sat navs, sunglasses, specs, water bottles, flasks, windscreen wash and a new number plate for the trailer as I am taking ‘the kitchen sink’

Things for the house minder – Mark’s detailed instructions as to what to with the boiler – I’m keeping away from that one! Keys, keys, keys… 

Sewing Stuff – I’m taking sewing machine, patterns and fabric as I plan to do lots of making whilst we are there. 

Books – Spanish Language Books and CD’s – We’ve been learning Spanish since September but we need to keep practising. 

Tech Stuff – iPads, phones, laptop, kindles, sat nav, binoculars, camera, portable bluetooth speaker. 

Money/Cards – Credit cards, Debit cards, Revolut cards, Euros, Sterling. 

This list list is not exhaustive, I’ll probably think of another In the next few days 😀





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