How to be beautiful but naturally!

Natural beauty products
A few examples of my homemade toiletries. 

I have always been careful what I put on my skin. I don’t think you need to spend a fortune to enhance your natural beauty. For many, many years the only thing I ever used on my face was baby lotion (as it was cheap mostly!) and I have never used soap on my face. 

Even when I had a bit more cash I still refused to spend loads of money on expensive lotions and creams. I prefer to use simple and natural products with a bit of UVA protection in the stuff I use for my face. 

Over the last couple of years,  I have started to experiment with home made toiletries, with some success and some failures. 

I bought a couple of books to get me started Natural Beauty and Neal’s Yard Beauty Book . I then bought some bits of equipment and some ingredients, so I could get started.  Of course, I then I needed another  cupboard to keep it in! I moved some stuff around ( I’m good at that!) and found a place to store the lab! 

It’s a bit like doing chemistry at school, hence Marks nickname for this activity. ‘Hey Mollie, (our dog) the lab’s open’ he says each time I have the urge to make a potion.  


You don’t need anything too expensive, just some house;d items mainly but best to keep them just for this. 

  • Jugs – I prefer to use glass ones – it will only be a matter of time before I break one though – got a couple from Ikea
  • Spoons – pinched a couple of odd teaspoons from the kitchen – you could use some plastic measuring spoons 
  • Milk frother – for mixing oil and water ingredients – I got a second hand one from eBay 
  • Double boiler for melting oils and waxes – eBay
  • Thermometer – I already had a food one 
  • Jars, bottles and atomisers- I bought some from EBay and used some I already had 
  • Small funnels – to pour the lotions into the bottles or jars 


Ingredients – I have bought these a few at time to build up a small collection

  • Solid Oils – Coconut, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Kokum oil, Mango butter – again I bought a few to get me started from The Soapery
  • Liquid Oils – Almond, Borage, Milk Thistle, Jojoba, Avocado – I collected these over time. 
  • Essential oils – Too many to list but I started with the obvious ones like lavender and rosemary and found lovely new ones like geranium – (one of my favourites) lemongrass, orange, ylang ylang – there are loads to choose from. You might find it helpful to get a book on Aromatherappy to help you decide what essential oils to use
  • Beeswax – this is used in lots of recipes including lip balms and body lotions 


I started by making bath oils and liquid perfume, which is simply adding essential oils to almond oil. 

The next easiest thing I found to do is making lip balm – I would never buy this again as its ridiculously easy to do. 

Next came foot balm and other moisturising products – some a bit more tricky as you have to make an emulsion which is a bit more tricky. 

They don’t last as long as shop bought products and some need to be kept in the fridge. However, you only need to make small amounts. 

My friend and family have been ‘willing’ volunteers to try out some of the products. The quality has improved and my skills have developed. I am not an expert by any means but I enjoy having a go and using them myself too. 

So why not have a go? 





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