It’s World Menopause Day!

I was in my 40’s, when I started to think about the ‘dreaded menopause’. Sadly, I  couldn’t ask my Mum as she died in 1989, aged 52 from breast cancer. This fact has always influenced my decisions about the menopause and its symptoms. 

I knew that I would never take HRT, but at that stage, I never knew what I know now. I still have never taken HRT but I have been tempted. 

In my peri menopause days I used Serenity Cream which I thought had bought me through the menopause symptom free. I faithfully used it through what I thought was my menopause. Then BANG when  I was 52, I really started my menopause which came as a great shock. I started having lots of hot flushes in the evenings from precisely 7pm, about every half an all through the night every night. I read that that SOME women have them for 10 years or more. I told myself that I wasn’t going to be one of them and that it was a mind over matter thing. How wrong can you be … 9 years later I still have hot flushes but thankfully fewer and less frequent and severe. They were a pain in the arse and still are. I can almost conjure one up just by thinking about it! I have a sort of premonition when one is coming, bizarre. I know that it wont last long but sometimes I just have to go outside to cool down as they sometimes make you feel a bit claustrophobic. I have tried all sorts of herbal potions and pills like black cohosh and maca etc over the years and none of them have helped at all with the hot flushes. I now know its just something have to put up with. I dress accordingly in layers and spend a lot of time taking my cardigans on and off! I never wear polo neck jumpers! 

What came on gradually over the the 9 years was the ‘dryness’. Not just skin, but areas of moistness if you get my drift… I hate talking about this but this is the bit which I hate even more than the hot flushes, but just something you have to get used to. 

It used to upset me to think I am not the woman I was and I won’t ever be again, but I have learned to love myself all over again.This new me doesn’t care what people think, she wears what wants, goes out without make up and still has fun! Onwards and upwards! 

Update – World Menopause Day 2019

Well I still have hot flushes a year later. It’s a bit frustrating butIt is what it is. I try not to let it bother me but long for the day when my thermostat returns to normal – if that ever happens!

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