How to make delicious gluten free granola

76073906-601C-4CE7-A889-43BFB5A3F184.jpegI like to make my own breakfast granola instead of buying pre-packed, sugar laden rubbish. I know exactly what goes in my granola and can be almost sure that it doesn’t contain any gluten or additives. I vary the recipe depending on what I have in my cupboard. The basic recipe originally comes from Deliciously Ella book but I vary it depending on what I have and what I crave. All the ingredients can be bought in the supermarket or online. I buy maple syrup by the litre from Amazon as it’s much cheaper. I buy nuts mostly from Lidl.

Dry ingredients 

180g pecan nuts

100g almonds 

240g rolled oats – I use gluten free 

175 pumpkin seeds 

175g sunflower seeds 

100g flaxseeds

200g raisins 

3 teaspoons ground cinnamon

Wet Ingredients 

3 tablespoons maple syrup

3 tablespoons of coconut oil -melted

Chop the nuts and then mix all the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients (except the raisins) and spread onto a large baking tray covered with baking parchment or a silicone mat and put into the oven 160 degrees  for 30 mins. Turn  it every 10 mins so that it cooks evenly. Don’t make the same mistake that I have done, by adding the raisins before it goes into the oven as you will have lots of chewy black bullets! 

When it’s cooled, add the raisins and transfer it to a glass storage jar. It lasts about a month, but I have usually finished it before then. I make a batch about every 3 weeks. 

I usually have mine with a some sliced banana and almond milk but you could add any fruit and use any milk. You can also use it to make flap jacks, sprinkle it on top of yoghurt or just eat it  straight for the jar when you fancy something sweet. Yum! 

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